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1. Start with a clean lip

Gently exfoliate any dry skin with your toothbrush when you are brushing your teeth or try a sugar scrub once a week.

2. Know your lipstick formulas

lipstick 2
Matte can be long lasting, but can easily dry your lips out. Creamy formulas may be hydrating but will not last long. Find the best formula that suites your lifestyle by experimenting!

3. Intensify a lipstick colour with a lip pencil

lipstick 2
Lining your lips and filling them in neutralizes their natural pinkness so the lipstick will be more opaque and closer to the colour in the tube.
4. Using a lipstick brush to apply your lipstick will allow it to last longer
lip brush

5. Blot the right way

lipstick 3
Blot in between applications by gently pressing a tissue to your lips. Don’t put the tissue in between your lips, that will cause your lipstick to wear off unevenly

6. Don’t get lipstick on your teeth

lipstick 4
Put your index finger in your mouth and gently close your lips around it and then pull it out. This will take away the lipstick that is on the inside of your lips so it doesn’t end up on your teeth.

7. Highlight your cupid’s bow

lipstick 4
The light reflecting particles will help draw attention to the top of your lips (cupid’s bow)

8. Top with gloss

lipstick 5
The shine will let your pout look even more plumper. If you don’t like the sticky feeling, just use a small drop in the middle of the bottom lip for a similar effect

9. Don’t be afraid to go nude

lipstick 6
The most flattering shade of nude lipstick is one that is one shade darker than your skin tone. Don’t forget if the ‘nude’ is too light, you might end up looking like a ghost

10. There is a red for everyone

To find the best hue for you, follow these guidelines: fair skin looks best with a blue-red tone, olive skin is flattered by an orange-red tone and dark skin looks best with a burgundy red.
lipstick 6
1.) MAC Lady Danger
2.) Giorgio Armani #401
3.) Chanel Rouge Allure, Incandescente 97
4.) Maybelline Non-stop Red
5.) Stila All Day Fiery {found here at out beauty boutique!}
6.) Lancome Rubis Exquis #182
7.) Mac Ruby Woo
8.) Maybelline Fatal Red 530
9.) Chanel Lover
10.) MAC Russian Red
Red Lipsticks
What are some of your favourite lipsticks to use?

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