Thursday, 16 July 2015


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1.       For back cuticle and remove any nail polish.
2.       Shape and file the nail edge.
3.       Carefully file the glossy surface of the nail using a nail file soft.
4.       Select Nail Rock Wrap nearest to your cuticle size. These can be cut for better fit if needed.

5.       Do not touch the sticky side of wrapen that will be used on your nail.
6.       Place at the cuticle edge and heat from a hair dryer for a few seconds until wrapen is warm, soft and smooth.
It is important to keep wrapen warm and smooth the whole process. The heat activates the adhesive and allows Nail Rock better fit over the nail. A small travel dryer is the most efficient.
7.       Apply firm pressure while wrapen still warm, press sweeping down on one side of the nail. Heat gain, be sure to wrapen is soft again and for a proper press it down onto the other side of the nail.
8.       Heat again and push firmly over the entire nail for a secure fit. If any wrinkles are so warm again, gently lift wrapen from the nail and add further heat and firm pressure.
9.       To stop the seal completely, heat the entire nail back and gently pull the excess part of wrapen over the edge of the nail so that the shape of the edge is commented next to the cuticle. Pull firmly but be careful not to stretch wrapen too hard.
10.   File off excess wrapen the end of the nail in a downward motion with a fine file.
A little practice, careful removal of the shine from the top of the nail, plenty of heat and firm pressure will result in a stunning, long lasting finish.

To remove:
1.       Apply heat and peel off gently

2.       Nail polish remover may be required to remove residual adhesive.

Rock Cosmetics Nail R...Rock Cosmetics Nail R...Rock Cosmetics Nail R...